The shape and character of zen gardens result from the religious beliefs and philosophy which were focused on: trees, mountains, rocks, streams and even sides of the world. Japanese believed that composition of those elements has a benevolent impact on their life. Also the garden made according to the zen design needs to comply this order.

The owners of garden centres are usually faced with one issue: how to make their object both functional and visually appealing for visiting clients.

Main advantage

Covered walkways solve this problem.
Firstly, they are perfect protection for plants. Regardless the weather: rain or burning sun, even delicate, exotic flowers and shrubs will be provided with ideal conditions. It is possible thanks to the special design of walkway, which is equipped with solar filters to ensure the plants optimal insulation and moisture.

Walkways have many other advantages. One of them is their aesthetic appearance which will give your business place a professional and modern look. Using covered walkways you can create, for instance many different thematic sections or interesting aisles, with individual species and varieties of plants. In this way, you will make the centre an attractive place for customers who will be willing to visit.


One more important fact is that installation of walkways in the garden centre is easy and quick. You don’t need any permission for it and the whole process of building takes 2-5 weeks (exact time depends of the size of project). Additionally those new architectural elements in your centre will be perfectly tailored to the other parts of your. Finally they will look like integral part.

Indepedently of your centre’s size and specialization our solution is cost-effective improvement of your business and solution that can help you make this place customer-friendly.

A little bit of English chic composed with some exotic decorations – these are the main features of colonial style. It was born many centuries ago as a result of two cultures impact: progressive and the spiritual one. Today colonial style experiences its revival in home and garden design. How to arrange the garden in such an innovatory design and avoid kitsch?

To create colonial garden you need to plan carefully all the details: plants, furniture, accessories and decorations, surface of the patio, paths etc. Every item, particularly its material, is important. Crucial issue is unity of style of all objects and plants in your garden.

Winter gardens (which were use to called orchards as well) have been well known in Europe for ages but recently they’ve became really popular and trendy. The main reason is their attractiveness and increasing availability.

Below are presented 5 most useful tips which concern building our own winter garden.

For everyone who doesn’t have experience in garden design, the first self arranged theme garden can be a difficult task. Obviously you need to be well prepared, read a lot of self help books, magazines, articles etc. But this is only the first step. Even if you already know all the practical design tips, you’re still far away from implementation of your tailor-made cottage garden….

Everybody knows how useful are covered spaces in stores or restaurants. Below you can find some more or less conventional propositions for using them at your own house…

As a patio

Walkway is a perfect place where you can spend time with your family and friends eating dinners and drinking coffee during both hot and rainy days. Especially if you decorate the space under the roof with some climbing flowers, the atmosphere will be charming. Additionally, thanks to the rain protection, covered walkway allows you to bring CD recorder, listen to your favorite music and just relax. You can also sit there working with your PC or simply reading a book, even in a heavy rain.

As a dance hall

If you love to organize parties for your friends and to have fun with them in a free time, covered walkway will be suitable for you as a dance floor! Under the modern-shaped, spectacular roof intimate date or all-night-long party will be always great attraction, even despite the bad weather. It’s construction allows you to put up speakers, lights and any other decorations and crate your own disco. In case of pleasant warm nights you can also use it as a place for buffet and have party outside. Your friend are gonna love it…