What was the client's need?

To create extra selling space, both covered and attractive and without the need for building permission. 'I want the new construction to be well fitted to the existing buildings' - the Client said.

Our Corsican client wanted to protect high value added garden product and at the same time create the nice, wooden building which by itself could have been his customers attraction.

Garden CentreGarden Centre

What was our solution?

We built 2 walkways, with a combined volume of 220 m2, providing additional roofed space that didn't need planning or building permission!

Garden CentreGarden CentreGarden CentreGarden Centre

How, when, how long?

This took 3 weeks from groundwork to final result. The weather conditions were again extreme - very, very hot!!!

Garden CentreGarden Centre Garden Centre Garden Centre

The result...

Elegant, functional and attractive walkways well suited to the existing buildings and no more problems with gale force wind and rain.

Garden CentreGarden CentreGarden Centre


6 months later...

6 months later, during the satisfaction follow-up visit we found the new covered space used in 100% and the client proud of about 30% turnover increase.

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