What was the client's need?

To increase sales by improving on available protective space for customers, plants and trolleys.

Our client wanted to protect customers during autumn long rainy days giving them comfort of 'dry shopping'. He also needed protection for Christmas sales (winters could be again severe as it was this year) which is for him the important revenue factor.

 Les Buissonnets, FranceLes Buissonnets, FranceLes Buissonnets, France

What was our solution?

le-buiss-render-popup Les Buissonnets, France Les Buissonnets, France Les Buissonnets, France

We erected six impressive walkways increasing volume of covered space immensely (by 850 m2) and thereby giving year round protection to the products and our client's most precious asset - his customer.

Now they can walk through the garden centre surface picking up what they want regardless of the weather (rain or snow).

How, when, how long?

This took 5 weeks from groundwork to final result and used 4 dedicated, highly effective and experienced construction workers. This is important to mention that the weather conditions were extreme (December 2008 / January 2009). There very very low temperatures in France (-14 degrees Celcius) and heavy snow falls.

 Les Buissonnets, France Les Buissonnets, FranceLes Buissonnets, France

The result...

Les Buissonnets, France google_street_view_mini

An impressive construction combining 850 m2 of additional covered outdoor 'year round' space protecting both customers and products.

6 months later...

During our customer satisfaction checking we found out that sales increased by 35% thanks to new covered selling space.


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